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In Whisker Woods by the really short tree. You have to have 3 lives and you need to make sure you have 10 dig foods and an apple.

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Q: Where is Saul on Petz Dogz 2 on wii?
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How d you get the ripe coconut petz dogz 2 wii?

beyfinding the cristel

Is there a Wii game similar to Xbox's Kinectimals?

Yeah, I think Petz: Dogz 2 and Petz: Catz 2 are similar, check them out!

Where is Saul on Petz Dogz 2 for wii?

Saul the dachshund is in Whisker Woods. He has his paw stuck in a hole and you have to find him by using your nose. You also have to find his Top Quality Canned Meat for him. He will then teach you Crawl and tells you your next mission. You won't see him again in the game.

Petz dogz 2 Wii?

there is one for wii you just gotta look real hard cuz they barely sell ps2 games anymore haha (;

What are the cheats for petz dogz pack?

2 of them are : petpet ,& 3heart,

How do you bark on petz dogz 2?

Press the minus button on your remote

What is the unlock code to petz dogz 2 on hp games?

love dogs2

What are the Petz Dogz Pack Cheat Codes to unlock Schnauzers and Poodles?

there r none. you have 2 breed dogz, and gain points.

How do you save on dogz 2 for wii?

you go to the weird green stone

Which game is better Petz catz 2 or Purr pals?

I have petz catz 2 for wii, but I dont know how purr pals is.....

On petz dogz 2 how do you get to the magic dogs house in sky heights without walking through poison?

you smell and footsteps will appear and you will follow them

How do you get a Pug at the Adoption Center in Petz Dogz Pack for the Nintendo DS?

You have to get 2 puppies in the game (doesn't matter the breed) and then you can get pugs at the adoption center.