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After you beat the Elite 4 there is a cave blocked by a guy at the end of the road and you enter it and there is Marlene (use Defog because its foggy) She has an Arcanine

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Q: Where is Marlene in victory road in Pokemon Diamond?
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Is there a legendry Pokemon in victory road on Pokemon Diamond?


Where can you get strong Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

victory road

How do you get past the victory road in Pokemon diamond?

Victory Road is the path that leads to the Elite 4 in Pokemon Diamond version. To get past it, you need to have all the badges.

Where can you find gabite on Pokemon diamond?

victory road

Where are leftover in Pokemon Diamond?

Victory Road (B1F)

How do you find laparas in Pokemon diamond?

victory road

Where you can get TM 59 in Pokemon Diamond?

in victory road

How do you get pass the victory road IN Pokemon Diamond?

The best way to get past victory road in Pokemon Diamond is to buy lots of max repels and have a Pokemon that know the moves rock smash and strength.

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

you can use waterfall in victory road and at the end when you are finished with victory road

Do you travel in water to get to victory road on Pokemon diamond?


Do you need the move flash in the victory road on Pokemon diamond?


Map of Pokemon platinum Victory Road?

same as diamond/pearl