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a trainer in victory road have a torterra

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Q: Where do you see torterra in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is torterra in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only get Torterra from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

When did torterra become a Pokemon?

In pokemon diamond and pearl

Where can you find a Torterra on Pokemon Diamond?

You cant find a Torterra, you have to start off with Turtwig from the very start or trade a Pokemon with someone.

Where are Turtwig and Torterra?

Turtwig is a starter pokemon in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Torterra is one of the evolved forms of Turtwig.

Where to catch a torterra in Pokemon diamond?

You can't; you must evolve your Turtwig starter.

How do you defeat Commander Mars in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

with empoleon ,infernape and torterra

Where can you catch a Torterra in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you have to start with turtwig and evolve it or trade with someone

How do you get tortera in Pokemon diamond?

You will need to evolve a Grotle at Level 32 in order to get Torterra.

Where to see torterra in Pokemon heartgold soulsilver?

You have to beat the Pokemon league in Hoenn, Kanto and Johto. In Sinnoh, there might be some trainers who have Torterra.

What level does turtwig evolve on Pokemon diamond?

Level 18 = Grotle Level 32 = Torterra

Really good Pokemon team for diamond?

Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape, Garchomp, Luxray, Snorlax

What Pokemon does barry have in diamond?

Floatzel Snorlax Heracross Roserade Staraptor Empoleon/Torterra/Infernape