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you can battle it in battle road. but you can not catch it if you chose time, pick torterra.

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Q: Where do you see torterra on Pokemon pearl if I choose chimchar?
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Dawn's Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

If you choose turtwig then her starter will be pliplup.If you choose chimchar she will choose turtwig.If you choose plipup she will choose chimchar.

What is the 1st Pokemon you get in in Pokemon pearl the game?

You can choose either Chimchar, Piplup or Turtwig.

What is the first Pokemon you get Pokemon Pearl?

It's either Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. You get to choose.

Where do you find chimchar in Pokemon pearl?

either choose Chimchar as your starter Pokemon and when it is a Infernape, breed it with a ditto. or just have a friend do it and then trade

How do you get chimchar on Pokemon pearl?

either choose chimchar as your starter at the beginning, or trade from another game. you could also try the GTS.

In Pokemon pearl where do you see and get a chimchar?

When you start the game,choose chimchar if you want one.Other than from that there location is unknown;it says so in the pokedex

Pokemon choices when you start Pokemon Pearl?

choose chimchar because you rarely come across strong fire Pokemon in pearl if so very hard to find

What Pokemon you have to choose in diamond and pearl from professor rowan?

Chimchar (fire), Turtwig (grass) and Piplup (water).

What fire Pokemon can in get in Pokemon Pearl?

I know this: If you chose chimchar as a starter Pokemon you not have to catch ponyta if you chose piplup or turtwig then catch ponyta who is fire. Starters: _________ Piplup-water chimchar-fire turtwig-grass ___________ Their evolution -------------------- prinplup-water monferno-fire grotle-grass ___________ Their evolution 2 --------------------- Empoleon-water/steel Infornape-Fire/fighting Torterra-Grass/ground __________________ Piplup=Prinplup=Empoleon Chimchar=Monferno=Infornape Turtwig=Grotle=Torterra

Where is torterra in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only get Torterra from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

When did torterra become a Pokemon?

In pokemon diamond and pearl

Where is monferno in Pokemon pearl?

you have to choose chimchar at the beginning of the game,he evolves at level 16. __________________________________________________________________________ LuckyDavis641 says: you could also trade Pokemon to get him, or catch a chimchar in the wild after completing the whole game!