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Jump onto the roof of the bus from the side of the bridge with the barrel on it.and look in the suitcase.and there you have it .

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Q: Where is Mahina's Necklace in Dead Island?
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How do you pass the cyclone to get to isle of Ruin?

Go to the Isle of the Dead first *the only other island on that map* there, you will gain a necklace that will tame the cyclone and let you pass

Where is the the isle of ruins in Zelda phantom hourglass?

If you have all the sections of the map, go to the Northeastern part of the map and it will be guarded by a big tornado. So you have to find the regal necklace and go near the island to make the tornado go away.

What does karana make for tukto before she leaves the island in exchange for the necklace with black stones?

Karana makes a skirt for Tukto in exchange for the necklace with black stones before she leaves the island.

What do you do after you get the necklace on link?

go to the island blocked by a cyclone. the regal necklace makes the cyclone go away.

When did Dead Island happen?

Dead Island happened in 360.

How many skulls are there in dead island?

what are the skulls in dead island used for

How do you get dead island splitscreen?

There isn't split-screen on dead island.

When was Dead Island created?

Dead Island was created on 2011-09-06.

Which game is better uncharted 3 or dead island?

to me, I think Dead Island

When does dead island the video game come out?

Dead island is already out in stores.

How do you get Final War Necklace on blue dragon?

to get it you most get 3 mystery parts which i cant remember there names the first part is in a chest on a island beside the island of dead the second is in a chest in aluamru villge where you fight jeelala the third one is in the seacube on the last floor somewere hope this helped.

Where is the pyramid island on Zelda the phantom hourglass?

It is not pyramid island it is the Isle of Ruins. There are three pyramids there. There is a a precious metal there needed to make the Phantom sword. The island is in the Northeast region of the sea chart. You can only access the island (which is blocked by a cyclone) after getting the necklace on the Isle of the Dead first. Both islands sit across from each other, west and east respectively. Hope this answers your question. Chillyn815