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He is in the souvenir shop with the wierd tree by it

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Q: Where is Lance in mahogany town Pokemon gold?
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How do you get whirlpool in Pokemon Gold?

lance gives you it after shutting down the radio system mahogany town

Where Do you get whirlpool in Pokemon gold?

To get the HM whirpool in Pokemon gold, you have to help Lance shut down Team Rocket's generators in Mahogany Town.

Where do you find whirlpool in Pokemon Gold?

After helping Lance beating Team Rocket in Mahogany Town, he will give it to you.

How do get over whirlpools in Pokemon Gold?

First you have to beat Team Rocket in Mahogany Town and Lance will give you the HM Whirlpool. You also have to beat the Mahogany gym to be able to use it.

Where will we find lance after shutting down team rocket's generators in mahogany town in Pokemon gold?

you meet lance once again for the last time once you beat the elite four

How do you get to blackthorncity in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you go to the lake of rage and talk to lance then go to the scientist in mahogany town then do the base thing then the dude will let you past

How do you battle team rocket in mahogany town?

After catching or defeating the red gyarodos lance will talk to you go to the house above the pokemon gym in mahogany town

How do you destroy whirlpools in Pokemon Gold?

after u help lance defeat team rocket in mahogany town he will give u whirlpool. Lance is at lake of rage as soon as u catch the red gyarados

Where is the HM whirpool shiny gold?

You have to help Lance beat Team Rocket in Mahogany Town.

Where is team rockets executive in Pokemon soul silver after you defeat him with lance?

in shop at mahogany town

How do you get into the 7th gym on Pokemon Gold?

First, catch/beat the red gyrados. Then, Go into town and help lance at the pharmacy in Mahogany Town. Last, after doing so the gym should be open

How do you get HM Whirlpool on Pokemon Silver?

From Lance after you infiltrate Team Rocket's Secret Base in Mahogany Town.