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First you have to beat Team Rocket in Mahogany Town and Lance will give you the HM Whirlpool. You also have to beat the Mahogany gym to be able to use it.

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Q: How do get over whirlpools in Pokemon Gold?
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What is the massive swirls in ocean?

whirlpools havent you ever played pokemon gold

How do you get over whirlpools in Pokemon emerald?

You need the HM whirlpool.

What move do you get over whirlpools in Pokemon heartgold?

Use the move whirlpool. If you have a feraligator teach it whirlpool.

How do you use whirlpool in Pokemon Shiny Gold to clear whirlpools on the field?

Go to the Whirlpool.U will be asked-"It's a vicious Whirlpool.Want to use WHIRLPOOL?"Select YES.

What Pokemon can go through whirlpools in Pokemon Crystal?

The only way to do that is to get the HM06, whirlpool.

How do you surf past the whirlwinds in Pokemon gold?

Assuming you mean whirlpools, after you beat the 7th gym, you can use the HM whirlpool outside of battle. I think it is in ice path, with waterfall, but I'm not sure.

How do you destroy whirlpools in Pokemon Gold?

after u help lance defeat team rocket in mahogany town he will give u whirlpool. Lance is at lake of rage as soon as u catch the red gyarados

Where is the scroll in the trick house part 6 with the whirlpools for Pokemon shiny gold?

There's a hidden spot about 5 steps above the 2nd whirlpool.Its on the right side of the wall. Took me an hour to find.

In Pokemon gold how do you get Pokemon Red legendaries?

you trade them over from Pokemon red, blue or yellow.

How do you get past the wirlpools Pokemon silver?

You'll need the HM Whirlpool and teach it to one of your Pokemon and you can pass the Whirlpools blocking Whirlpool Cave.

How do you find moltres in Pokemon Gold?

Moltres is a legendary Fire and Flying type Pokemon. It does not appear in Pokemon Gold, but may be traded over from a first generation game. In the reboot of Pokemon Gold, Pokemon HeartGold, Moltres is encountered in Mt. Silver.

What HMS do the badges let you do in Pokemon heart gold?

cut trees, smash rocks, move rocks, surf, move across whirlpools, slide both up and down waterfalls, scale rocks, and fly to familiar towns