Where is HM02 In Pokemon Yellow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If it's same with red (which I think it is) then if you leave Celadon City and head West, there will be a Snorlax in your way. You don't need to get past it. Before then is a plant on the North side of that path. Cut through it and head West. There's a house. Go inside. A girl will say something along te lines of secret hideout and TADA HM02 is yours :)

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Q: Where is HM02 In Pokemon Yellow?
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Where is the bike route in Pokemon Yellow?

It is by the secret hideout where you get HM02. HM02 is Fly.

How do you get HM02 fly in Pokemon Black and?

After you beat the 5th gym Bianca, she will give you the HM02 Fly

What is the hm number of fly in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get HM02 in Pokemon emerald?

Ur rival give it

How do you get HM02 fly in Pokemon and white versions?

Yu get HM02 Fly after beating Clay, the gym leader of Driftveil City. After you go left, then you face Bianca and then she gives you HM02 Fly.

Where to get fly in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You get HM02 from Chuck's wife after defeating him.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you teach Pokemon to fly?

unless you completely suck at Pokemon, you should have gotten the HM02 fly. now go to your HM pocket and hit use on HM02. use it on any Pokemon in your inventory it says "able" on. congrats. you can now fly.

What is the cheat of HM02 fly Pokemon sapphire?

sorry but there isnt one. :(

Can doduo learn fly in Pokemon Red?

Yes, but only by HM02.

How do you get HM02 in Pokemon ruby?

Simply defeat your rival after beating Team Magma/Aqua at the Weather Institute on Route 119. She/he will give you HM02 (Fly) after you defeat them.

How do you get the HM cut in Pokemon Gold?

Once you've reached Ilex forest, there will be a boy who lost a farfetch'd. Go and try to force it back to the boy. Then the owner is there and he will reward you with HM02. Edit: It's HM01, not HM02. HM02 is for Fly.

Where do you get hm fly Pokemon ruby?

HM02 Fly is found in a house on Route 119.