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on a very distant planet

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Q: Where is Goku before he returns to earth?
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How does goku get back to earth after killing frieza?

They show how he got back in the episode when he returns to Earth which the episode is called Mystery Revealed.

Who defeated queen frieza?

originally she was defeated by goku on planet namek but she is retrieved by her father and saved . when she returns to earth to find goku future trunks kills her for good.

What if Chichi thought Bardock was Goku?

that is not possible. chichi never met bardock because he died soon after goku landed on earth as a baby,if not before

Does Goku ever return after Dragon Ball GT?

He returns to watch Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. battle in the World Tournament Junior Division. Pan catches a glimpse of him, but isn't convinced that it is actually Goku. I believe he returns in the movie A Hero's Legacy as well.

Did Goku return home after training with Shenron?

Goku never trained with Shenron, so he did neither went home nor left to do so. However, Goku always returns home after training.

Who did trunks defeat?

When Mairi (future) Trunks came from the future in the trunks saga before Goku returns from Yardrat, Frieza lands on Earth and Mairi (future) Trunks went Super saiyan and sliced Frieza up with his sword and blew him to bits so he technically defeated Frieza. Goku didn't really succeed in defeating Frieza. Mairi (future) Trunks defeated someone not kid Trunks.

Does goku come back to life when goten is little?

Well goku meets Goten but Goku was still dead at that point Goku was giving time on earth and Goten and Goku meet each other. The Goku has to leave but in the middle of the majin buu saga the the supreme Kai wishes him back to life to fight majin buu which he wins. (Goku leaves because he is out of time on earth)

Did Goku make it back to earth?


How does Goku die after defeating the heart disease?

Cell was about to explode the Earth so Goku teleported him to King Kai, but he decided to stay with Cell so evil people would stop comming to Earth because Goku was strong and making them come to Earth

Who is stronger Goku or Phoenix?

Goku. Phoenix powers would not work and Goku would kill her before she can take his power.

What happens to goku after the androids drain his power on Dragon Ball Z Kai?

After the androids drain goku\'s power in Dragon Ball Z Kai he returns to his future.

Does Goku come back to earth after the explosion?

Yes, Goku wins the battle and leaves in time but the people on earth try to wish him back to earth but he decides to train in space as a super sayan than come home with his family. But, Frieza is still alive and with his dad king Cooler to give revenge to son Goku but Goku is still not on earth yet and might come home to the horror on his friends death.