Where is B1F in Pokemon diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Almost every cave has a B1F in it. You can get to it by going down a flight of stairs from 1F. The only exception is in wayward cave, where B1F is located beneath cycling road

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Q: Where is B1F in Pokemon diamond?
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Where are leftover in Pokemon Diamond?

Victory Road (B1F)

Were to find the TM stone edge in Pokemon diamond?

Victory road B1f

In Pokemon diamond how can you find a Gible?

It is in the wild in Wayward Cave B1F with a 15% encounter rate.

What does B1F stand for on Pokemon pearl?

b1f stands for the first botom floor

Are there any trainers with a metang in Pokemon diamond?

An Ace Trainer in Victory Road on floor B1F has one. Sorry, scratch that, the Metang only appears in Pokemon Platinum.

Where to find feebas in diamond?

You can find it in Mt. Coronet (B1F)

On Pokemon Diamond do you battle a trainer with a Garchomp or do you have to evolve a Gabite into one and if so where and when can i find a Gibbler?

You can see Garchomp when you battle the Pokemon League Champion, Cynthia. You can find Gible on the B1F of Wayward Cave.

Is there a wonder mail codes in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness for getting mew if so tell me and how many floors are in it's dungeon?

X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K Enter that at wonder mail once you save scizor Mysterious Jungle How to Unlock: Only unlockable through Nintendo Wonder-Mail Event Amount of Floors: B29F + Interior Boss: Mew Other Notes: Pokémon are randomly set and placed on the floors from the list below Pokémon: Floors Found on: Bulbasaur B1F - B29F Ivysaur B1F - B29F Venusaur B1F - B29F Metapod B1F - B29F Rattata B1F - B29F Raticate B1F - B29F Spearow B1F - B29F Nidoran(F) B1F - B29F Nidoran(M) B1F - B29F Vileplume B1F - B29F Venonat B1F - B29F Bellsprout B1F - B29F Weepinbell B1F - B29F Victreebell B1F - B29F Exeggcute B1F - B29F Koffing B1F - B29F Scyther B1F - B29F Eevee B1F - B29F Snorlax B1F - B29F Chikorita B1F - B29F Bayleef B1F - B29F Maganium B1F - B29F Aipom B1F - B29F Sunkern B1F - B29F Sunflora B1F - B29F Teddiursa B1F - B29F Treecko B1F - B29F Grovyle B1F - B29F Sceptile B1F - B29F Wurmple B1F - B29F Silcoon B1F - B29F Cascoon B1F - B29F Seedot B1F - B29F Nuzleaf B1F - B29F Roselia B1F - B29F Gulpin B1F - B29F Flygon B1F - B29F Turtwig B1F - B29F Grotle B1F - B29F Torterra B1F - B29F Bidoof B1F - B29F Roserade B1F - B29F Stunky B1F - B29F Skuntank B1F - B29F Munchlax B1F - B29F Mew Interior Ur welcome

When could you catch labreas in Pokemon silver?

B1F of the Union Cave on Friday.

How do you get gible on Pokemon pearl?

go to wayward cave b1f near oreburgh city

Where do you find febass in Pokemon platnium?

You can catch him on Mt. Coronet (upper) B1F with the old rod.

Where do you find riolu in Pokemon black version?

In Challenger's Cave B1F and Challenger's Cave B2F.