Where is Abra in Pokemon Sapphire?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the granite cave. It teleports immediatly, so use fakeout or sleep.

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Q: Where is Abra in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Pokemon sapphire What Pokemon will breed with Abra?

Another Abra of a different Gender or a Ditto.

How do you get kadabra in Pokemon Sapphire?

By evolving Abra, it evolves at Lv. 16.

In Pokemon Sapphire What Pokemon are able to use flash?

mostly phychic types like Abra

What Pokemon can learn flash in sapphire?

Find an Abra to give flash in the cave in dewford.

What is the best Psychic Pokemon to choose in Sapphire?

the best Pokemon to choose early inn the game are Abra and ralts.

Where do you get a Abra in Pokemon Sapphire?

Granite Cave: Floor 1, Basement 1 and Basement 2

How do you get alakazm in Pokemon Sapphire?

catch an Abra and use your gameshark for rare candeys and then level it up! :)

Where to get a twisted spoon in Pokemon Sapphire?

A twisted spoon can be obtained if you find an Abra holding one. About 1 out of every 20 Abra (5%) holds one. Happy hunting!

What was the first Pokemon Bill caught?

Apparently, the first Pokemon Bill caught was Abra. If you find the ruby and sapphire for Ceilo and click A on him afterwards, he will tell you that the first Pokemon Bill caught was Abra. So Bill caught all the pokmeon in alphabetical order. (Except legendarys)

How do you get an alakazam without trading in Pokemon in sapphire version?

catch Abra and then trade to any need to trade in order to evolve

Who are the phychic types of pokemonsm in Sapphire?


Where to get a Abra in Pokemon black?

you can only get Abra by Pokemon transfer or trading