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Anywhere, but it's not in Pearl version.

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Q: Where in the underground do you find the skull fossil?
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How do you get the skull fossil in platinum?

You can find a skull fossil underground. Use your explorakit and start digging!

Where do you find a armor fossil in platinum?

You can find it underground i only get skull fossils but you get them underground.

Can you find a Skull fossil underground in Pearl?

No.Only in diamond.

Were do you go underground t for the skull fossil?

there is no definite location you just have to get lucky and find a skull fossil while digging

How do you find a skull fossil underground and then catch a cranidos in Pokemon platinum?

I have no clue

What do you do with a skull fossil in diamond?

Go underground and dig on walls. its uncommon but you will eventually find it.

How do you get armor fossil in Pokemon Pearl?

The same way you get a skull fossil on diamond, dig in the underground till you find one.

How do you dig up craniodoses fossil?

you go underground with the explorer kit and try to find the skull fossil which is what makes a cranidoes

Where do you get the skull fossil in diamond?

you get this in the underground path

How do you get a skull fossil platinum?


Where Can You Capture Carnidos In Pokemon Platinum?

You have to go underground and find a skull fossil(not to sure about spelling)

How do you get a crandos on Pokemon diamond?

You must find a skull fossil in the underground then take it to oreberg to regenerate it.