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You dig for it underground. Look for the skull fossil then give it to the scientist in the museum and come back to him

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Q: Where do you get cranidos in diamond?
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Is it possible to get a Cranidos in Pearl?

Cranidos (Skull Fossil) are only available to Diamond, similar to how you can get Shieldon (Armor Fossil) in Pearl but not in Diamond. In Pearl, you can get a Cranidos by trading with a friend who has one in Diamond or trading with someone in the world on GTS (Global Trade Station).

Where do you find cranidos on diamond?

go under ground and dig (you can only get cranidos in dimond sorry :(

What stone evolves cranidos in diamond?


Can you get cranidos on pearl?

No, only in Pokemon diamond.

What level does cranidos evolve at in Pokemon diamond?

Cranidos is a Rock type Pokemon that can be revived from a Skull Fossil in Pokemon Diamond. It will evolve into Rampardos at level 30.30

Where can you find a rampidos in Pokemon diamond?

Evolve from Cranidos

How does cranidos evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

level 30

What Pokemon can you get in only diamond and where?

In Pokemon Diamond you can only get Diagla, and Cranidos Diagla you get at the Spear Pillar - goes with the story timeline! Cranidos is a fossil you get revived in the mining museum!

Shieldon you want a cranidos?

there r certain fossils and the fossil for shieldon is only in pearl, and cranidos only in diamond

What are the Pokemon you find underground in diamond?

you can only find a cranidos on diamond and a shieldon on pearl

What level does cranidos elvove in Pokemon diamond?

Lv. 30

What Pokémon fossils can you get on Pokémon dimond?

On Diamond, you can only get Cranidos.