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To get Cranidos, dig up Skull Fossil while you are in Sinnoh Underground and take to the Oreburgh Mining Meseum to have it revived into a Cranidos.

To get Shieldon, well, sorry, he's exclusive to Pearl. But of course, I can trade you my Cranidos to get Shieldon.

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Q: How do you get Cranidos and Shieldon in Pokemon Diamond?
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What are the Pokemon you find underground in diamond?

you can only find a cranidos on diamond and a shieldon on pearl

Which trainer has a shieldon in Pokemon Diamond?

There's one simple answer: trade! Cranidos is to Diamond as Shieldon is to Pearl, so find a friend who has Pearl and trade with them.

Shieldon you want a cranidos?

there r certain fossils and the fossil for shieldon is only in pearl, and cranidos only in diamond

Which Pokemon Is Better Cranidos Or Shieldon?

It Depends if youwant a defending or attacking Cranidos Is Attacking Shieldon is Defending

Where do you get a cranidos fossil on Pokemon platinum?

You can get all the fossils underground, except for shieldon or cranidos. You find shieldon if your ID is even and Cranidos is your ID is odd.

What types of fossel are in Pokemon Pearl?

There is armour fossil in Pokemon pearl, it is a fossil that has a shieldon in it, or you could trade with someone from diamond for a cranidos.

Is it possible to get a Shieldon in Diamond?

Shieldon (Armor Fossil) are only available to Pearl, similar to how you can get Cranidos (Skull Fossil) in Diamond but not in Pearl. In Diamond, you can get a Shieldon by trading with a friend who has one in Pearl.

Where is seven fossils at on Pokemon diamond version?

you can get all the old fossil Pokemon underground after obtaining the national Dex. you can get cranidos only on diamond anytime and shieldon only on pearl anytime underground.

What are the different types of fossil in diamond?

there are lots. what i know is u can only get cranidos in diamond and shieldon in pearl

How do you get archeon in kemon diamond and pearl?

You can only get it in Black and White, sorry. But the fossil Pokemon for Diamond and Pearl are Shieldon and Cranidos whose fossils you can find while mining in the underground.

Is it possible to get a Cranidos in Pearl?

Cranidos (Skull Fossil) are only available to Diamond, similar to how you can get Shieldon (Armor Fossil) in Pearl but not in Diamond. In Pearl, you can get a Cranidos by trading with a friend who has one in Diamond or trading with someone in the world on GTS (Global Trade Station).

How do you evolve shieldon and cranidos?

Shieldon evolves into Bastiodon at level 30.Cranidos evolve at the same level.