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Falador South, on the way to Draynor Via Falador. Port Phasmatys Harmony Island Catherby North, north of bank. Ardougne North

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Q: Where in RuneScape are vegetable patches?
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Where is jackfrost on RuneScape?

its diffrent for every player hes in one of the now patches scattered around runescape

In runescape do farming amulets work on herb patches?

They should do, yes.

Where are the onion patches on RuneScape?

There are multiple onion patches in RuneScape, but the most popular locations to get onion are at the Rimmington Onion Patch (just north of Rimmington, next to road), and in Fred the Farmer's house in Lumbridge. It's also possible to obtain onions from the Grand Exchange though, and is usually easier to get from the Grand Exchange instead of walking to one of the onion patches in RuneScape, as the patches are not located close to any bank.

Are there any patches one can download to fix the glitches in Runescape?

There are patches to download to fix glitches in Runescape. One is a home made patch housed in a public Dropbox folder. However, the general recommendation due to the numerous hackers out there is to first check the Runescape site for such patches and download from there, not from unknown sites. Another option is to submit a bug report to Runescape as they have a good track record of getting on and fixing problems quickly.

How do you make a vegetable sack on runescape?

get a sack and fill it with vegetables

Where abouts on rune scape can you plant oak trees?

Runescape garden patches, or common tree patches. But you can also plant marker plants everywhere.

Where are some herb patches located in RuneScape?

If you are on about Farming, the patch you are looking for is called an "Allotment". These can be located in most Major Farms around Runescape, common places are:CatherbyYanilleBetween Draynor & Falador

How do you slice a banana in the game RuneScape?

If there's slicing to be done on there use a knife on the fruit/vegetable.

Where are the higher-rankes snow imps in runescape?

Found near the ice patches (marked by a Christmas present) they are the ones wearing a hat

What do people grow in vegetable patches?

They grow their favorite varieties of vegetables. This might include carrots, beans, lettuce, squash, tomatoes and even corn.

What herbivores sre in caves?

Only invertebrates grazing on fungal patches or vegetable detritus washed into the cave. There is no "herb" for herbivores in the surface-animals sense.

What protects barley in RuneScape?

Well as long as its watered and if it becomes diseased then you can use plant cure to bring it back to full health. Gardeners can't protect those patches.