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Where in hotbeat do you get burning leo in the game kirby super star ultra milky way wishes

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Q: Where in HOTBEAT to you find Burning Leo in the game Kirby super star ultra milky way wishes?
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Where is suplex Kirby on Milky Way wishes?

Suplex ability can be found in Milky Way Wishes in the following locations: Hotbeat - Right door on the museum planet, fourth door in the Fire Area. Halfmoon - Inside the Red Door in the Skyhigh area. Cavius - Door with pedestal in the east area of the second floor. Skyhigh - In the chest that is in the very first room.

How do you unlock milky way wishes in Kirby super star ultra?

Finish the other game modes first to unlock Meta Knight's Revenge. Finish Meta Knight's Revenge to unlock Milky Way Wishes.

How do you get to wham bam rock in Kirby superstar ultra?

Go to the great cave offensive or milky way wishes and he should be in there.

Where do you find wing ability in Kirby super star ultra milky way wishes?

its all quite simple look through the intire maze or leftie on the canons and search from there

Can you be meta knight in Kirby superstar ultra in all the levels?

no but you can be meta knight from levels spring breeze to milky way wishes. to do this beat milky way wishes, and the you will unlock 3 new levels, revenge of the king, meta knightmare ultra, and the arena.tap meta knightmare ultra and start game.(instructions are different.)

What are all of Kirby's powers in Kirby super star ultra of Milky way wishes?

Easy. Look around when you're choosing a planet to find a star flashing. Put Kirby over it and it should say ???. Then go through the short level full of T.A.C's and Bombers to the end to receive Copy!

In Kirby supersatr ultra where do you find suplex in milky way wishes?

In the Fire Planet Hotbeat, on your way to the mining cart area, the one on the first grass area with a mining cart. Stop there,turn yourself into either knuckle joe (fighter) or Capsule J2 (Jet)"Use power save, and do rocket jump (Look at START menu.)" and try to hit the brown blocks on top of the mining cart. Enter the room, and you'll face Bugzzy (Suplex) finish him, and get your "Suplex Copy Essence Deluxe."

How do you finish milky way wishes in kirby super star ultra?

Basically finish all the planets in there. But in those planets there are abilities to get permanent and you need to use them against the final boss after all the planets which is marx.

How do you get Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star Ultra?

you just beat all the other ones besides that one. thats what I did

In Kirby super star ultra milky way wishes were do you get sword Kirby?

It's found on the planet AQUARIUS, in a room full of spikes and knights that you need to navigate through. Go the the far left of the room and destroy the blocks below you (the parasol works well for this) when you get to the bottom, head back to the left. finesse your way around the spikes to get the sword ability.

How do you get the ice abliity on milky way wishes in Kirby super star ultra?

In the first planet where the seasons change, go into the door that is on the ladder enough times so that it is winter. Once it is, go to the right and you will find a door. Go into it and you will find the ice power. Hope this helps :)

How do you get electric Kirby in Kirby super star ultra?

It's called Plasma Kirby, and you have to inhale a Plasma Wisp to get Plasma. Plasma Wisp are those weird dudes floating around like a ball of blue fire, little blue eyes, and white hands. They'll send those blue arrow-like thingys at you, and those big balls of sparks. In Milky Way Wishes, Plasma in on the machine planet Mekkai, and the last bit of the level, the one with the elevators, go to the very top and ignore the big star door when you defeat Bonkers. At that very top, go left, defeat Iron Mam, and you will get Plasma ability.