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Go to the great cave offensive or milky way wishes and he should be in there.

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Q: How do you get to wham bam rock in Kirby superstar ultra?
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How do you get past the arena on Kirby superstar ultra?

You have to beat 13 or more bosses, including Marx. After you complete the next game, Helper to Hero, you will get to the final game, called the TRUE arena, where you beat the new bosses like the all new mid boss all-stars, Mr. Tick Tock, Fire Lion, Grand Wheelie, and Phan, Phan. You also get to beat Whispy's Revenge, Lololo and Lalala's Revenge, Kracko's Revenge, and Masked Dedede. You will beat Wham Bam Jewel, similar to Wham Bam Rock. Then Galacta Knight, and then remember Marx in Milky way wishes? Well he survived as Marx Soul and he will be tougher. After Kirby gives the final blow, Marx soul will scream a horrifying death scream, break in half, and explode. you have beaten the full game!

Who are the bosses in the true arena in Kirby superstar ultra?

1.wispy's revenge 2.kracko jr.'s revenge 3.kracko's revenge 4.lololo and lalala's revenge 5.true midboss all stars 6.kabula 7.masked dedede 8.wham bam jewel 9.greatest warrior in the galaxy 10 marx 11.marx soul wait you don't plan to fight marx soul, right?

In Kirby super star ultra w hat is the true arena?

You fight 10 foes with only 5 tomatoes to fill up your life. 7 of the foes are from Revenge of the King. The last four foes are called the final four which consists of in order Masked Dedede from Revenge of the King, Wham Bam Jewel from Helper to Hero, Galacta Knight from Meta Knightmare Ultra, and Marx Soul from nothing.

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