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its wham

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Q: Who recorded the song jitterbug wham?
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Who sang jitterbug?


What was name of song in jitterbug commercials?

It's called Jitterbug.

Who has recorded Careless Whispers?

If you mean the song "Careless Whisper" then it was the band Wham who preformed it. The singer in Wham is George Michael. The rock band Seether also did cover art of his song replacing instruments like the saxophone with the guitar and drums. I have included links for the videos bellow.

Who sings the song freedom?

Freedom is song by Wham in the year 1985.

What is the one hd sports ad song with the lyrics 'Wham bam here I am' in it?

The song that you are looking for is Wham Bam by Taylor Tallahasse. The song was also featured in the pilot for the Lying Game.

When was the song Wham by Freedom released?

The song "Freedom" by the British pop duo Wham! was released in 1984. The song became the duo's second UK #1 hit and was featured in their album "Make It Big".

Which british band recorded Another Brick In the Wall?

which british band recorded the wall wham pink floyd

What song is playing in the Mean Girls 2 trailer?

Wham Bam

Who sings the song in the Jitterbug cell phone commercial?

Originally George Michael

What is the song at the beginning of the music video faith by george Micheal?

The song at the beginning of "Faith" by George Michael is "I Want Your Sex", which was written by George and performed by Wham. Unlike popular believe its not Wham "freedom".

What were some songs that were played with The Jitterbug?

Usually the Pokemon theme song would be played.

What artists have recorded songs entitled Last Christmas?

A group called Wham! first came out with the song entitled last christmas. George Michael wrote the lyrics however. And who can forget Elvis gettin it in back in his day?