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Use rock smash on the rocks at the Ruins of Alph and you might find a fossil. You take it to the museum in Kanto and the guy will turn it into a Pokemon

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Q: Where exactly do you get aerodactyl in soul silver?
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How do you get Aerodactyl in Pokemon Soul Silver?

First you need to get the Old Amber (a type of fossil). Then you go to pewter city museum and ask the guy and then he'll make the Aerodactyl for you.

How do you get past the second puzzle of the ruins of alph in Pokemon soul silver?

the picture is aerodactyl the letters use flash

How do you give the girl your chansey for her aerodactyl on soul silver?

after you beat the champion go to your pokegear and go to radio and oak and mary will say where it is

How do you catch Aerodactyl in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you have to revive it from the old amber, which may be found if you use rock smash on the rocks in the ruins of alph

Who is the fastest Pokémon in Pokémon soul silver?

Electrode is the fastest Pokemon there is followed by Jolteon then Aerodactyl. The fastest 2nd generation Pokemon is Crobat.

What Pokemon does Cynthia use in soul silver?

Cynthia doesn't appear in SoulSilver. The Champion you verse is Lance. He has 3 Dragonites, a Charizard, an Aerodactyl, and a Gyarados.

What Pokemon does lance have on soul silver?

Level 50 Dragonite(x3), level 48 Charizard, level 46 Gyrados, and a level 48 (or 49) Aerodactyl

How do you change old amber in to aerodactyl soul silver?

by taking the old amber to pewter city museum. You go to pewter and go inside the museum, then go right. there is a person there and you talk to him. he takes your fossil and you leave the museum, go back in and you will get an aerodactyl.

How do you get a aerodactyl on soul silver?

Go to the Ruins of Alph use rock smash on all the boulders until you find the old amber go the museam i think its in oewter city and they will revive it

Which Pokemon in soul silver can learn giga impact?

Tauros, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Donphan, Electivire, and Regigigas learn Giga Impact by leveling up.A lot more learn it by TM.

How do you get a drosing machine in soul silver?

Its From A Guy In Violet City, Or Ecruteak. I Dun Remember Exactly.

In Pokemon Yellow can Aerodactyl learn any rock moves?

No, Aerodactyl can not learn any rock type moves until Gold/Silver/Crystal.