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No, Aerodactyl can not learn any rock type moves until Gold/Silver/Crystal.

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Q: In Pokemon Yellow can Aerodactyl learn any rock moves?
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What moves does aerodactyl learn in Pokemon Red?

Bi tch i dont know

What all does mew learn on his own and when does he learn it in Pokemon Yellow?

go to then go to the diamond and pearl pokedex section and search mew. the moves pokemon learn in diamond and pearl are the same as yellow.

On Pokemon Platinum what is super effective against aerodactyl?

Water, Electric, Ice, Rock and Steel moves are super effective against Aerodactyl.

What moves does polygon learn in Pokemon Yellow?

hyper beam,tackle,lear,andtake down

What moves are good against aerodactyl in Pokemon heart gold?

electric, ice, rock, steel, and water

How do you get areodactyl to learn stone edge in Pokemon firered?

Stone edge is a move that was invented in diamond and pearl and platinum you cannot have any Pokemon learn 4th generation moves like stone edge in firered because they don't exist. But you can migrate a aerodactyl to diamond or pearl or platinum and have it learn stone edge there.

What are pidgeys moves in Pokemon Yellow?

Pidgey's moves are gust, sand attack and quick attack. As the level grows and it evolves, it can learn more stronger moves. Pidgey can learn fly even if it's not evolved yet.

Can stage three Pokemon learn moves?

Yes, Pokemon of all stages can still learn moves.

What moves does bulbasar learn in Pokemon Yellow?

it learns razor leaf and vine whip and when it evolves into venasaur it learns solerbeam

Who is better aerodactyl or hitmonchan?

its aerodactyl it can learn flametrower dragon pulse and outrage hitomonchan can learn fire punch ice punch thunder punch and cometpunch but aerodactyl s a rock/ fliyng type so fighting moves are normal effective so if you have a aerodactyl dont trade it WARNINING:aerodactyl defense stat is low but its max hp stat is hig its 305

Is it true Arceus can learn every move but Focus Punch?

no, arceus is a Pokemon that can learn a lot of moves, he can even learn fly but there are many moves that he cannot learn. the only Pokemon that can learn all moves is mew...

Can Typhlosion learn 5 moves?

No Pokemon can learn more than four moves.