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If you mean after you beat the 3rd gym leader (or was it fourth?), he runs away to get stronger. Don't worry, you'll see. When you get to victory road, he'll catch you right before you leave Victory Road, and request a battle. Good luck, cause it's one tricky fight after going all the way through Victory Road.

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Q: Where does wally run away to in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you weaken Pokemon in the safari zone in sapphire?

you have to thorw a pokeblock, the more the better, but be careful,,,they might run away

How can you re-encounter Zekrom in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire if you accidentally run away?

Beat the elite four again(sucks right?).

How do you get to the 6th gym in Pokemon Sapphire?

go route112 after you saw team aqua run away in meteor falls and ride the ferri

How do you get the legendre Pokemon if it runs away in Pokemon sapphire?

just run around and you'll find it. but if you go to a town and it was there it'll move. it's a really annoying thing to do .

What are easy cheats for pokemon sapphire?

Run in to a wall and you get a fire type pikachu

What is so special about Pokemon emerald?

It has wireless connection and you can run into other region's Pokemon and you can't do either in Ruby or Sapphire.

What do you do after your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold?

If your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold, there is no way of retrieving them again.

What do you do after you got through dotted hole on six island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you are going after the Sapphire, then you go to Five Island and run through the Rocket Warehouse to get the Sapphire.

How do you get horsea in Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to go to pacifidlog town and surf then you'll run into a horsea and that's how you get a horsea.

How To Get Latias In Pokemon Sapphire?

u run into her in random places u well want to keep the masterball

Where do you find pikathu on Pokemon sapphire?

you go to the safari run as far left as possible and then run around in the grass and soon enough it will come.

Why did your Pokemon run away in Pokemon white?

Because you don't take showers