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no where he stays there and you can go battle him again any time you want to level your Pokemon 2 100

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Q: Where does red go after you beat him?
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Where is red after you beat him in mtsilver?

if you want to face RED you have to beat the elite four. when you beat the elite four and go to the top of mt silver you can face RED.

Where do you find red after you beat him?

red disappears aftr u beat him the first time. then aftr u beat the elite 4 again go bak to mt. silver red will be there again

Where do you get the red orb in Pokemon soulsliver?

After you beat Red, go to Mr. Pokemon and he will give it to you!

What if you beat red but you still cant get the red orb?

go talk to mr.pokemon and he will give it to you.

Were does red go after you beat him?

Red goes to Mt. Silver after you have all 16 badges

Were does red go in Pokemon soulsilver after you beat him?

He disappears until you beat the Pokemon league again.

Where does red go after you beat him in Pokemon soul silver?


How do you get a Squirtle on heartgold?

Beat Red, and then go to Professor Oak.

Where does red go after you defeat him in soul silver?

He disappears after you beat him

When you beat red Where does he go?

he goes back to his home in hoenn

What to do after you deafeat the Pokemon league in Pokemon soul silver?

Go to Kanto, beat the gyms, go to Mt Silver and beat Red.

How do you beat level 17 on factory balls 3?

first go to the red paint then you go to the ears and then you go to the red tool thing and go from there.