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C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Screenshots

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Q: Where does The Sims 3 save screenshots?
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Where does The Sims 3 save?

C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Screenshots

How many save slots does Sims 3 have?

The Sims 3 have 4 save slots.

How do you look in your photo album on the Sims 3?

Unlike the Sims 2, there is no 'photo album' in Sims 3. To access your photos you will have to go to: My Documents Electronic Arts Sims 3 Screenshots If you want to actually write a story/history with your photos you will need to upload online.

On the Sims 3 how do you get online?

On sims 3, you can't actually play online. To get online, just sign in on which is the official sims 3 website. The only thing you can do online is share stuff. Like screenshots, videos, houses, sims, patterns, worlds, you made on The Sims 3!

Where does wolfquest save screenshots?

Your documents.

How can you save your game on Sims 3 if you get the error code 16 message?

Yes. You can do this by going to the Sims 3 menu, and rather than clicking 'save' to save your game, go to 'save as...' and then rename the game. This should work.

Why does my sims 3 never save?

do u save it, if yes than uninstall and reinstall

How do you undo a glitched save on the Sims 3 Pets edition?

Lick your eyebrows

Can you update the sims 3 without CD?

No you can't update the Sims 3 without CD because when you're updating you are going to save the update in the CD.

In the sims 3 can you save and leave a family for another then come back to it and have your sims the same age as before?

Yes, you just pause it then save and leave it, for another family!! Hope this helps.

How do you change a Sim's hairstyle in The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS?

um cant change ur sims hair on sims 3 for the ds so make sure its nice before u save it.

Is the sims 3 the same in the console as in the computer?

Sims 3 isn't available on anything but PC right now.-Previous Answer (FALSE) Yes, it's pretty much the same thing, just with different controls. I don't think you can take videos or screenshots though.- New answer (TRUE)