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usually you should go on the web and search up "Xbox fixers (then type the initials of your state and town because i got my dsi screen fixed by Searching ds Fixers my screen hit a wall thts why...

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Q: Where do you send your xbox 360 to get fixed?
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Where do you send your Xbox 360 to get it fixed?

Call Xbox. You can find the number at

What do you do if your xbox 360 crashes?

Send it to They fixed mine.

If you have 3 red rings on the 360 do they send you a knew console?

No, They send you a re-manufactured Xbox 360 in return. They will either fix your Xbox 360 and send it back to you or they will send you a different re-manufactured Xbox 360. They don't change the type of 360 you have if that is what you are asking. If you have an Xbox 360 Pro they will send you back either your Xbox 360 pro fixed or a different Xbox 360 Pro. The same goes for Premium or Elite. If you have and xbox 360 elite they send a re-manufactured elite back to you.

What goes in the box if you send your xbox 360 to get fixed?

Take out your hard drive and your faceplate, all you need is the core xbox.

Where can you get your xbox 360 fixed in NJ when it has the 3 red rings of death?

you can send out your xbox 360 to Microsoft and have them fix it if you still got the warranty if you don't, it will cst you about 150$ to repair it with them

You bought a used 360 and now it has the three rings how do you send it in to get it fixed?

what I did is phone xbox customer services and gave them the serial number on the back of the xbox 360 and manufacture date

Cost for a 360 to get fixed?

Depends on what is wrong with the Xbox 360.

How do you get the ring off a xbox 360 game?

you have to get the xbox 360 game buffed so it can be fixed.

Your Xbox 360 takes an hour to load games it keeps comin up enter disk in a Xbox 360 console?

well it depends if you have gotten at least 5 rings of death then you may need to send it in for service to get it fixed if its beand new send it back get a new one dont do anything with it let the professioals fix it for you and you will stil have an xbox 360

How do you fix a Xbox?

You can send it to Microsoft who will fix your Xbox 360.

Where do you send your Xbox 360 when it has the rings of death?

check the documentation which came with your xbox 360, it should be in there somewhere

Can you send of your Xbox 360 to Microsoft if chipped?

No, Xbox does not repair cosmetic damage.