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you got to the safari zone for a VERY RARE CHANCE, or mirgate it

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Q: Where do you see a kangaskan on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get kangaskan in Pokemon Diamond?

in the safari zone

How do you find a kangaskan in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to the upstairs of the Safari Zone and look through the binnoculars. If you see a Kangaskan through then you can run into it at the Safari Zone. The Pokemon that you see through the binnoculars are rare and chage sometimes.

How do you capture a kangashken in Pokemon diamond?

it is kangaskan and he is in safari zone when you have good dex

In Pokemon diamond were to get kangaskan?

In Pokemon Diamond you can catch the Kangaskhan in the Great Marsh area. This area is available to the player once they unlock the National Pokedex.

How do you get kangaskan in diamond?

You can get Kangaskhan in the Great Marsh, after the National Dex. Sometimes you can see them in the binoculars.

Where can catch a kangaskan i Pokemon fire red?

You get it in the Pastoria Great Marsh after getting the national pokedex. pastoria great marsh is only in Pokemon diamond and pearl you will catch it at the safari zone and you have to have luck to see and capture one

How do you ge kangaskan on Pokemon pearl?

In the great marsh.

What type is kangaskhan?

the Pokemon kangaskan is a normal type

Are there male Kangaskhan in White version of Pokemon?

Kangaskan can only be female.

How do you get kangaskan in platinum?

its a possible daily Pokemon in the great marsh game

What is behind Cubone's mask in Pokemon?

the mask is the skull of a dead kangaskan. Behind the skull is a baby kangaskan. It was meant to say that in game but they took it out because it was too adult.

How can you see all of the Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

The only way you can see all the Pokemon on diamond is by going into the GTS and global trade different Pokemon.