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At ;)

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Q: Where do you register the movies PC game?
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How do you redeem your 10 worth of simpoints that you got with the sims 3 PC game?

When you register your game it is automatically there.

How do you do a movie yourself in the game the movies?

If you have the 1.1 patch, if you go to Online, you will be asked to register.

Do you have to register the game Alpha Protocol?

If you are talking about registering this game on steam(for PC gamers), if you downloaded it from steam it will be registered already. If you have no idea what steam is then look it up, download it to your PC, and itll help you

How do you download PC games from do dear?

Any game software movies are required of cable network.

PC Tools AntiVirus register key?

p PC Tools AntiVirus register key ls give me a key

How do you regester your sims PC game?

When you install it there a box pops up with the option to register it, if you haven't done it then you can go to, look on the left side and click register and it will take you through the rest.

Where can you find the code to register your Sims 2 PC game on the Sims 2 website if it is not on your manual?

You can't. You will have to either buy a new game or just live without connecting it.

Where can you get a online yu gi oh game for free on the PC?

first you need to register from the official website then you need to download it from the website too.

What is the function of the PC register in the 8086 CPU?

There is no PC register in the 8086/8088. It is called the IP register by Intel and it stands for the Instruction Pointer. It contains the address of the current/next instruction to be executed.

I dont see the game pass for unlimited acces for pirates online i dont see it in target.?

The game pass is in the movies section in target, first you haved to register to

How are you able to play Star Wars The Old Republic?

Go to the offical SWTOR website and download the game launcher and register an account. Once that is finished it will begin to install the game content to your PC.

How do I register my Dante's Inferno xbox game?

You do not need to register your game.