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first you must already have CW Cheats, and using that app you can cheating in psp

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Q: Where do you put the cheats code at on persona 3 portable?
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How do you put cheats on for Pokemon LeafGreen on vba?

Go to Cheats -> Cheat list... -> Gameshark... and then type in the code.

Where do you put the cheats for Pokemon diamond?

Action Replay Gow To New Code Type The Name And Put The Code Simple.

Where do you put the code in on shark tooth island?

just go on www.poptropica cheats secrets-cheats .com and copy

How do you put cheats in GTAiv?

Just type in the code. hope it works

How do you put the action replay code?

go to emulation then press cheats then press gameshark name the cheat put in code then turn it on

Where do you put in frugooscape cheats in on the game?

you type in ::pickup then the code, then how many of that item you want. code how many

What is the cheat code for Tomb Raider anniversary?

The answer is very simple. there is no cheats you can just put in. you have to unlock the cheats with the time trials

How do you put cheats on the game MySims?

You put the game on pause (start) Then you enter in the code. When you have entered the code in successfully, you will hear a little sound.

How do you put action replay cheats on R4i SDHC?

There is a cheat code file in the kernel. You just put the cheat code into that file, then it can work.

How do you put cheats on the punisher?

You have to start a new game with the code as the file name.

How do you put code breaker codes on ideas emulator?

you have to download cheats

How do you put new cheats in action replay?

# You must put in the code number of the game you are trying to get the code for. # You then enter the code for the cheat. or # You put the disk into you PC/Laptop and download it. # Then follow what it saids to do.