How do you put cheats on edge ds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you have to download R4CCE it's a cheat code editor that supports the edge and you have to get action replay codes from the internet

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Q: How do you put cheats on edge ds?
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How do you upload AR cheats into your DS?

just put it in then at the home page take it out then put in the game you wanna put the cheats on

Cheats for Mario 64 ds?

get the edge on ds and you will see a setting box at the menu u press it you get thecheats inabled and play!

How do put cheatd on a ds lite from

You have to put the cheats into an Action Replay.

Are there any cheats for Eragon DS?

There is but you have to have a R4 card to put cheats on. But they cost a lot of money.

How do you put in cheats on Mario Kart ds?

you cant i think

How to set up an action replay for the ds?

put it in close DS Take it out put in game you want to cheat on put on cheats as well

Where do you put the cheats for harvest moon Ds cute?

There is no where you can "Put" cheats. If there involves numbers, you'll need an Action Replay card.

How do you find cheats for a DS?

You can't find it free if you gonna cheat, but you need to buy ''Action Replay for DS''. You can buy it at Codejunkie. Or you can buy a flash card, and then put the game you want to have, and put cheats on it.

How do you put in cheats in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dude, to put cheats in ANY game for DS you need an action replay. Everyone knows that!You have to buy them.

What features are on edge ds card?

you can watch movies, listen to your own music, cheats and 200 games for £3

For Nintendo DS where do you put cheats in Lego Indiana Jones?


How can you get cheats?

you can buy a action replay for your ds at gamestop then search for codes to put on it