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The microphone plugs into the USB port at the top of the back of the console. The unfortunate part is that you need a controller to assign the microphone. That means if you only have 2 controllers, you can only use 2 of the instruments. I sort of see why (so you can assign the characters, etc) but that shouldn't have been a limitation to use the microhphone.

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Q: Where do you plug the microphone in on guitar hero world tour?
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How do you plug in the microphone from guitar hero world tour into your xbox 360?

you plug it into the controller port

How do you you hook up a microphone to guitar hero world tour?

Plug the mic into the USB ports on the console.

Does guitar hero world tour have a singer?

yes you have to plug in a microphone set to be able to activate vocals mode

Can you plug a gh3 guitar to Guitar Hero world tour?

All guitar hero controllers are compatible with every guitar hero game

How do you plug in the microphone on Guitar Hero?

first you find a controller for what ever system you are using ,plug the adapter in the rectangle that has the symbol of where you plug the cp mouse in.

Lost guitar hero plug for ps2. the game is called guitar hero world tour.?


How do you talk to friends while playing guitar hero metalica xbox360?

Usually there is a microphone port on the side of your guitar hero controller. Plug the mic into that port and start up a party thing with your friends.

Where does the Guitar Hero microphone go?

If this is for the Wii, I have an answer. You plug the USB mic into the back of the Nintendo Wii. There are 2 plugs for a USB cord.

How do you connect a Guitar Hero guitar?

Usually it comes with a USB attached to the microphone to plug directly into a USB port.

How do you get the Wii guitar hero 4 microphone to work?

You plug the end of the wire on the microphone into the USB insert in the back of the Wii. It is located near the top, near the GCN memory card slots.

How do you play vocals in Guitar Hero?

for guitar hero world tour you need to plug the USB Cord in the back of the wii then start singing

Can you plug any guitar from Guitar Hero in any Guitar Hero game for ps2?

yeah, if the guitar from guitar hero IS for ps2 lol. {: