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if by console you meen cheat menu or stuff where you type stuff into it. its Ctrl+Shift+C, to exit it just press esc

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Q: Where do you open the console window for Sims 2?
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Why wont the cheat window open up on the Sims 2?

well to open the window you need to press shift-ctrl-cif it doesnt open your doin something wrong

When is The Sims 2 castaway?

you can get the sims 2 castaway on any game console now!

How do you open the cheat window in The Sims 2?

you hold Control (ctrl) + Shift + C and then you type in a cheat.

Can sims get married in The Sims 2 Open For business?

Of course sims can get married in the sims 2 open for buisness Yes, sims can get married in the sims 2 open for buisness

Can you window the sims 2 mac?


How can you get your sims to have a twin boy and girl on sims 2?

Well, you can only have twins RARELY in the sims 2. If you have Open For Bussines, then eat a peice of cheese cake after you woo hoo with your partner. If that does not work, then hit SHIFT-CTRL-C to open the cheat window, after you tried for a baby and hear the luliby, type in Forcetwins in the cheat window and that will get you twins for sure, however you can not chose the gender.

How do you use the sims 2 cheats?

you open the cheat box. ctrl+shift+c then enter your cheats in the top little window

I have the Sims 2 Sims 2 Open For business Sims 2 Pets and Sims 2 university. But I cannot get freetime cause I have a mac So how do you to open a daycare on the mac for Sims 2?

you can not open a daycare. even if you had freetime, or a PC, you still could not have a daycare.

Which is better the sims 2 open for business or the sims 2 bon voyage?

open for business

How do you open a restaurant in The sims 2 PC?

You have to have 'The Sims 2 Open for Business' Expansion Pack

How can you get pregnant on sims 2 pets not PC?

You can't get your Sims pregnant on any console Sims games. It has to be on the PC game in order to get your Sims pregnant.

If you have sims two the pets do you need sims 2?

If it is on a computer you need the original Sims to play it. If it's for a console, you don't have to have the original one.