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open the cheat window by pressing shift control and c at the same time. i think the cheat its boolprop grainsize zero. but it only works if you only have the original sims 2 with no expansions or patches.

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Q: How do you get you sims naked with no blur?
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Can you remove the blur on The Sims when there naked on sims bustin out on ps2?


Is their a cheat to unblur naked sims on the computer?

On The Sims, your Sims get a blur whenever they undress. There is not a cheat to unblur naked Sims on the computer. However, you can download add-ons to unblur them.

How do you make sims naked on sims3 on ps3?

get them in the bath/shower, but you cant remove the blur bit

How do you unblur your sims?

If you're talking about getting them naked in the shower and uncovering the blur then you go to sexysims there will be a mod for that ,,there ._.

Can sims get completely naked?

yes but only with a blur, u will hav 2 look up some cheats

I dont have internet at home and id like to get rid of the blur on naked sims on sims 2 I cant download the patch Whats the cheat code?

There is none. They put it there for a reason.

What is the difference in Sims 2 and Sims 3?

The graphics are different, in Sims 3 there are no loading screens and the Sims age even if you aren't playing them, Sims 2 you can follow them into public lots in Sims 3 you can't. and on the Sims 2 you can see the Sims naked but on the Sims 3 they blur it out

Sims 3 censor blur?

The Sims 3 censor blur can be removed by using a mod. A popular mod to use is the Mosaic-blur removal.

How do you get rid of blur in sims 3 PC?

You will need to download the Sims 3 Nude Patch to remove the blur.

Can sims be naked?

Yes, you can download mods that take off the blur.

How do you make your sims nude no blur?

Check out mod the sims

How do you get rid of the blur on Sims 3?

You can use a cheat code or you can download a mod to remove the censor blur in the Sims 3. A popular mod to use is the Mosaic blur removal.