Where do you log in on wolfquest?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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go to wolfquest .com type in wolf quest register and wa la!!!!!!!!

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Q: Where do you log in on wolfquest?
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How do you make an online pack in WolfQuest?

You may log onto the WolfQuest forums, click on "Pack Central", read through the Pack Central FAQ, then get started! Good luck.

How do you log on to the part when you are a wolf on wolfquest?

You don't need to log on to WolfQuest. You just download it and then you can play on it willy nilly. However is you want to play on multi player then you have to create a account on the wolf quest website. Its free to create an account but it takes up to 8 days or less for your account to be activated good luck. And.... Happy gaming :)

How much is wolfquest?

WolfQuest is absolutely free. You can download it at the WolfQuest website.

On WolfQuest multi player when you try to log onto it and says can't find an activated account with it what do you do?

If you can't log into multiplayer on WolfQuest, it's because your account hasn't been activated yet; or maybe that account has been closed. When you sign up on their website, it says a message will be sent to the WQ team telling them to activate your account. Then you'll get an e-mail saying it has been activated and you can play!

When wolfquest will be for download?

It is already...actually... WolfQuest 2 and WolfQuest 2.5 are available for download now.

How do you download amethyst mountain delux wolfquest?

You can not download previous versions of WolfQuest. But, you can download the latest, WolfQuest 2.5! It can be found on WolfQuest's website(

What is second quest in wolfquest?

There is only 1 wolfquest quest in wolfquest episode 1 but in wolfquest episode 2 coming this December 2009 there will be multiple quests!

How do you get the normal wolfquest?

You are not able to get previous versions of WolfQuest.

Can somebody give me a working WolfQuest account?

WolfQuest can!

Is WolfQuest free to download?

wolfquest is completely free

Is wolfquest out for the Wii?

WolfQuest is only available for the computer. Perhaps one day, if enough funding, the WolfQuest admins will consider making WolfQuest available for other systems.

Can you have puppys on wolfquest?

You can now have puppies in WolfQuest, since WolfQuest: Survival of the Pack was released on 1st January 2010.