Where do you go to play cart surfing?

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2009-04-13 22:46:38

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Go to the mine shack and click on the cart

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2009-04-13 22:46:38
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Q: Where do you go to play cart surfing?
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What does the black puffle play?

The black puffle plays cart surfing :)

Where is Club Penguin cart surfing?

On the map is the mine which is hidden. Click that and then go inside. To the right is a tunnel with carts. Click that and you will be playing Cart Surfing.

What puffle on club penguin will go cart surfing?

te black puffle

How do you grind cart surfing?


In games in clubpenguin what does the black puffle do?

Th black puffle does play a game and it is Cart Surfing. :)

How can I get Club Penguin Money Cheats?

Go to a website called go to money maker and type in your info and then you have alot of coins. Or play alot of dance contest, pizzaatron and cart surfing...

What are the different games you can play on Club Penguin?

There is aqua grabber, cart surfing, hydro hopper, surfing, thin ice, sled racing and many many more.

How do you twist in club penguin cart surfing?

You press the left arrow (<-- to go left) the right arrow (--> to go right)

How do you earn more money quickly if you are club penguin and can get banned from money maker?

Randomly play gamesPlay surfing if you are really goodPlay cart surfing if you are soooooooooooooooooo good at it do lots

Ia there a lightning level in cart surfing club penguin?

The creators of Club Penguin have not yet created a lightning level in cart surfing on Club Penguin.

What is web surfing?

It is where you go to lots of websites and you play on the computer.

How do you do a grind in cart surfing on club penguin?

Press up then Down

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