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You have now defeated half of the game. but if you go to M.r Pokemon's house (above cherry grove city in Joto) he will give you the red orb now when you enter the safari zone cave the gym leader Chuck will encounter you he will tell you what HM moves you need but from there on you go the normal way as if you were going to the safari zone but when you enter a cave with to ladder go down and surf in between a few rocks. this will lead you to groudon he is a good Pokemon so watch out and bring along some rives for all legendary Pokemon. You can also catch Mew two in cearlean city cave and also Zapdos out side of the power plant. All you have to do now is compleat your pokedex. Hope this helps

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Q: Where do you go after you defeat red in Pokemon soul silver?
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What do you do after defeat red on Pokemon soul silver?

You have to go and talk to professor oak in his lab at kanto

Where does red go after you defeat him in Pokemon soul silver?

I don't know where he goes, but you have to defeat the Elite 4 (or shall I say5), again for him to reappear at the peak of Mt. Silver.

Where can you find Bulbasaur on soul silver?

After you defeat Red (the game's Ash), Professor Oak gives you a starter Pokemon from Kanto.

How do you pass Pokemon Soul Silver?

Earn the 8 badges of Johto. Defeat the Elite 4 and champion Defeat the 8 gym leaders of Kanto Defeat Red. and your done.

How do you defeat Red on Pokemon soul silver?

Just like you beat any other trainer train your Pokemon and battle choose your moves carefully

How do you get the red orb on soul silver?

Mr. Pokemon gives it to you after u defeat red, i think (it's been a while since i played it and defeated red...)

How do you get the red scale in soul silver?

You have to catch or defeat the red GYARADOS

How do you obtain the red orb on soul silver?

You must first defeat Red and talk to Professor Oak. Then, you go to Mr. Pokemon's house, who will be there to give you the Red Orb.

Where does red go after you defeat him in soul silver?

He disappears after you beat him

How do you get a red orb in heartgold?

you cant, you get red orb in soul silver & blue orb in heartgold from mr Pokemon after you defeat red at mt silver & after you get the kanto starteru cant it is only in soul silver but there might be a hack or action replay cheat heartgold has the blue orb for kyroger

Where do you get the Kanto starters in Pokemon soul silver?

i think you have to beat red You have to go to mt Silver and defeat Red then go to Pallet Town and talk to Prof. Oak and he'll let you choose one.

Do you need the red gyrados its in Pokemon soul silver?

You don't need it you just have to defeat it you will still get the red scale and talk to lance but wouldn't you want a shiny red gyrados everyone wants shiny rare Pokemon