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you go to professor oak and he will say to get kyogre and kyogre will only appear with a silver soul and a golden heart which means that you will have to trade from heart gold

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Q: Where do you go after getting Groudon on Soul Silver?
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How do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon soul silver and you already have both Groudon and Kyogre?

you go back to the cave where you caught groudon/kyorge

What do you do with the red orb on soul silver?

Go to the Embedded Tower on Route 47. There you get Groudon.

Can you go to Groudon without the red orb in soul silver?

no.u must get the red orb

How do you get Groudon to come to the embedded tower in Pokemon soul silver?

go to prof. oak he will give you the blue/red orb go to the embedded tower and you will see groudon

Do you need both red and blue orbs or to catch Rayquaza?

No, To get Rayquaza in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Catch Groudon in Soul Silver, Catch Kyogre in Heart Gold, Trade Groudon to Heart Gold or Trade Kyogre to Soul Silver, Visit to Prof Oak's Lab in Pallet Town with Groudon and Kyogre in your party pokemon, get the Jade Orb and go to Embedded Tower to get Rayquaza

What happens if you caputure kyogure and then you go to prfesers ocks place and he thell you to find the red orb what do I do?

you can only get the red orb in Pokemon soul silver, he says groudon only appeasers to people with silver sprites not golden hearts aka heart gold and soul silver so you half to trade groudon from soul silver to heart gold then oak gives you the jade ord and you go back to embedded tower

How do you catch requaza in soul silver?

Rayquaza is obtainable in HeartGold and SoulSilver by getting Groudon AND Kyogre on one game. Then you have to show them to Professor Oak. He will give you the Green Orb. Once you have the Green Orb, go to the Embedded Tower where you caught Groudon/Kyogre. Rayquaza will be there.

What do you do after when you capture Groudon in Pokemon soul silver?

You can try to get the other kind of orb which will get you kyogre and after you get kyogre you can go back there and get rayquaza.

What legendary can you get in soul silver that you have to do something special?

You can get Rayquaza on Soulsilver if you get both Kyogre and Groudon. Then you get the jade orb from some guy and go to the same cave that you got Groudon. To get Kyogre you have to get it by trading.

Where do you return the red and blue orb on heartgold and soul silver?

Go to the Embedded Tower on Route 47. When you go in, depending on what orb you have, either Kyogre or Groudon will appear there. Groudon if you have the Red Orb, and Kyogre if you have the Blue.

Where is rakwaza in soul silver?

After you beat Red, go to Mr. Pokemon. He will give you the Red Orb which you can use to get Groudon. Then, you have to use HeartGold to get Kyogre the same way. Trade Kyogre over and go to the place where you got Groudon.

How do you fight Groudon in soul silver?

you need to beat all the gym leaders and go to mr.pokemon's house he will give you the red orb then go to the embended tower