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u get it off mr.stone,,, after u deliver the letter .talk to him in rustboro city and and he'll give u the exp.share

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Q: Where do you get xp share in Pokemon ruby?
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How do you get another xp share in Pokemon ruby?

you cant

How do you give happiness to Pokemon?

use the Pokemon alot if that doesn't work give it an xp share helmet and get its level up a lot and then use the Pokemon a little bit after u use the xp share.

How can you raise a rioiu in Pokemon diamond?

lv on low Pokemon or give it xp share

Can you get the exp all in Pokemon ruby?

No, only the Exp Share

Where do you get the xp share for catching 50 Pokemon on firered?

the top of that building, on Route 15.

How do you share xp in Pokemon FireRed?

With Exp.Share - you can get this from Prof.Oak's Aide by catching an amount of Pokémon.

How do you do share xp on Pokemon Black?

Use the experience share item and attach it to a pokemon that you want to gain exp. Also if you start with the weak pokemon and swap out for a stronger pokemon, then half the exp goes to each pokemon

Where do you get xp share in pokemon soul silver?

Give Mr Pokemon a Red ScaleGoldenrod Lottery, match 3 numbers.

Exp Share in Pokemon Ruby?

deliver the letter to steven in dewford and collect it from the president

How do you evolve a Pokemon easily in Pokemon Platinum version?

Just give the Pokemon you want to evolve the Exp. Share or trade a Pokemon with a friend.. It will gain more XP in battles.

How do you get easy levels up on Pokemon?

Gives the Exp. Share to the Pokemon and then use your stronger Pokemon to battle other stronger Pokemon. I recommend (for battling) Staravias, Bibarels, Girafarigs, Chanseys, Ponytas, anything that gives you loads of XP for their level. Or trade, the Pokemon will gets more XP in battles!

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.