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You can get the TM28 (Dig) on Route 214 in the Ruin Maniac Cave in Pokemon Diamond.

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Q: Where do you get tm28 in Pokemon Diamond?
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Where can you find a TM28 on Pokemon Diamond?

Route 214

Which move is tm28 in Pokemon Red?

tm28 contains Dig

Where to find tm28 in Pokemon Emerald?

tm28= Dig: found at Route 114

Where do you find Tm28 in Pokemon sapphire?

Route 114

Where is tm28 on Pokemon Yellow?

First of all,tm28 is is found in cerulean city.You get it after you beat the rocket guy behind the house.

Where would you find TM28 dig in Pokemon Crystal?

National Park and its hard to get

Does trapinch learn dig in peral?

Trapinch learns Dig at level 41 in the Generation IV games. (Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver) It can be taught Dig quicker by teaching it TM28.

Your TM28 is lost how can you get another TM28?

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald = Buy another at lillycove department store. Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart gold = Buy another at Celadon city or Goldenrod city dep. store.

Where do you get Dig in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find TM28 Dig while in the Maniac Tunnel between Route 214 and the Solaceon Ruins. It is between two rocks near the entrance.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

How do you find TM 28 in Pokemon ruby?

TM28 Dig in Pokemon R/S is on Route 114 inside the Fossil Maniac's house.

How do you get TM 28 in Pokemon emerald?

You can get TM28 (Dig) from the Fossil Maniac. That is in the house west of Fallarbor Town.