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The Town Map Card can be received after getting a tour around Cherrygrove Town by Guide Gent. He is a old man who is a the front of Cherrygrove Town when you first go there.

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Q: Where do you get the town map in Pokemon silver?
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How do you get the town map in Pokemon soul silver?

it is on your pokegear when guide gent gives it to u

How do you get to the map in Pokemon silver?

click on the pokegear and there will be a map if you click on the middle icon on the pokegear which you get from your mom in your house in new bark town

Where do you get a map in Pokemon Silver?

Talk to the old man as soon as you walk into CherryGrove City, and let him take you on a tour of the town.

Pokemon SoulSilver where is a town map?

Its on the pokegear there is a map card.

How do you get a world map on Pokemon FireRed?

In pallet town next to your house a woman inside will give you the region's map. Or in any Pokemon center next to a PC there should be a town map. Press A on it.

How do you go the Kanto map in Pokemon Red?

You get the Town Map by obtaining it from your rival's sister in Pallet Town. To use it, open your Bag, then look for Town Map and select it.

How do you get a map in Pokemon Soul Silver?

use the pokegear

Where is route18 in Pokemon?

Just check a Town Map.

How do you get the town map on pokemon ruby?

There is no town map. You might be referring to the Pokenav, which is Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald's version of the Town Map. You can get it at Rustboro City from the Devon Corporation's President.

Where is the flying Pokemon gym in Pokemon silver?

in voilet city/town

What is the yellow do on the town map on Pokemon dimondpearl?

The yellow thing on the map is where you were last........ Your Welcome!^_^

Is there a map of all the Pokemon and where they are located?

No, first you have to see the Pokemon then they are put into your pokedex, then if you go to your pokedex and look on the Pokemon it will show you on the town map where all the places that Pokemon is