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Where you beat Brock. An old man is standing in a garden.

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Q: Where do you get the tidal bell in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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What if ho-oh isn't on top of the bell tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

you have to get the rainbow wing on soul silver and tidal bell on heart gold :-)

How do you get the tidal bell in heart gold?

beat the kimino girls and go to the whirl islands

What is the bell that you get from the kimono girls for in soul silver?

It is called the Tidal Bell. In my version, Pokémon Heart Gold, you receive the Clear Bell.

Can your Pokemon hold the clear bell in heart gold?


Can you get Lugia on Pokemon hart gold?

yes you can get lugia at whirlpool island if you have the tidal bell and the silver wing.

Do you need a tidal bell to go to the Whirl Islands in Heart Gold?

no ou dont you need a silver wing to get lugia

How do you make Lugia appear on Pokemon?

If you want to encounter Lugia, (this is for Heart Gold/ Soul Silver) is to get the Silver Wing & I think the the Tidal Bell. In Soul Silver, you will receive the Silver Wing from the director when you save Goldenrod City Radio Station from Team Rocket. In Heart Gold, when you make it to Pewter City, somewhere there is an old man and if you talk to him, he will give the Silver Wing. I'm sorry that I don't know where to get the Tidal Bell (its been awhile since I played Pokemon Soul Silver).

Where will Ho-oh be in bell tower?

in Pokemon heart gold once you get necessary items.

Where do you get the Title bell in Pokemon heeart gold?

to get the tidal bell, you must throw away the game...just kidding!you actually have to all the kimino girls and beat them at eutrika city.

Where do you get soothe bell in Pokemon Gold?

thare is no soothe bell in gold.

Where do you find the tidal bell in Pokemon Silver?

Beat all the Johto gym leaders and then head to Ecuteark city and beat the Kimono Girls. (They're in the dance theater.)After you get the Master Ball, go to the Dance Theater. You will find all five Kimono Girls waiting for you. They will challenge you to a battle against them. Win and you receive the Clear Bell or Tidal Bell.

How do you get luigi in Pokemon Gold?

You cannot get Mario's younger "Bro" in Pokemon Gold. You can obtain Lugia at Whirl Islands in Pokemon Gold and HeartGold. Whirl Islands is located on the water route between Cianwood City and Olivine City. You need to first get the SilverWing or Tidal Bell to access Lugia.