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In the Fighting Area, talk to the fisherman and he'll give you a Super Rod.

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Q: Where do you get the super rod pokemon platinum?
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Where do you meet octillery on Pokemon platinum?

Pastoria city with the super rod and route 230 with super rod

Where do get a super rod on Pokemon platimun?

A Super Rod is available only in the Fight Area in Pokémon Platinum.

Where do you get a super rod Pokemon Platinum?

You can receive a Super Rod from a fisherman in the Fight Area on Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl.

What rod do you need to catch a feebas on Pokemon platinum version?

a good rod or super rod

Where do you find a horesea in Pokemon platinum?

Use a super rod.

Were can you catch a Drangonair in Pokemon platinum?

You can fish with a super rod

How do you get gyados in Pokemon platinum?

Almost any where with a super rod

Where do you see an octillary in pokemon platinum?

fish with the super rod at the pokemon league

How do you get carvhana on Pokemon Platinum?

On Pokemon Platinum, Carvanha can be caught in the Great Marsh.PLEASE NOTE: REQUIRES SUPER ROD.

How do you get the super rod in Pokemon platinum without the national pokedex?

you cant

Super rod in pokemon platinum?

A fisherman at the fight area gives it to you.

Where is barboach in Pokemon Platinum?

use the super rod in body of waters