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You have to go into Rocket Hideout under Celadon Game Corner. Upon defeating the members of the hideout, and I think (but I'm not certain) Giovanni at the end, you obtain the Silph Scope. Then you can go back to pokemon tower and identify the ghost and move on with your life.
Go to celadon city and find the game corner then go in there and beat the rocket in there then press the switch behind the poster then go downstairs and get the lift key in the rocket game corner then go to basement floor 4 and beat Giovanni then get the silph scope.

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Q: Where do you get the silph scope in pokemon firered?
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How do you identify ghoast in Pokemon FireRed?

use the silph scope

Where do you get the Silph Scope in Firered?

you get it in silph co

How do you catch a pokeflut in Pokemon FireRed?

get the silph scope and go up the pokemon tower and beat team rocket

Where do you get a sliphscope in Pokemon FireRed?

The boss rocket drops the silph scope after defeating him in the rocket hideout.

Pokemon FireRed silph scope?

Defeat Giovanni in the Rocket Hideout beneath Celadon Game Corner.

Who is the Pokemon at the top of the lost tower in Pokemon firered?

The Pokemon is marowak and you need the silph scope to see it.Good luck and hope I helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get past ghost in tower on Pokemon FireRed?

You must have the Silph Scope with you in order to identify them. The Silph Scope can be obtained at the Rocket Hideout (Game Corner in Celadon City) after having defeated Giovanni.

FireRed poke flute?

you get it by gettting threw the Pokemon tower in lavender town but first you need to get the silph scope

How do you reveal one ghost in FireRed?

Get the silph scope.

How do you catch the silph scope on Pokemon FireRed?

go through the rocket game corner and defeat Giovanni to get the silph scope, you need to get the lift key in the game corner then go to basement 4 and beat Giovanni.I dont know for firered but i know for leafgreen.

Where can you find a silph scope on FireRed?

You get the Silph Scope in the Celadon City Game Corner basement (Team Rocket HQ).

Is there such thing of a ghost in Pokemon firered version?

Yes you can't catch it and after you get the silph scope it turns into marrowack which you can't catch either.