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You find the Poke-Block Case in the house directly east of the PokeMart in Turzoro City. The contest lady will give it to you.

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Q: Where do you get the pokeblock case in FLora Sky?
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How do you give Pokemon pokeblock?

In Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald after you make a pokeblock, you can check the pokeblock case and you give the desired Pokemon the pokeblock to help it do better in Pokemon contests. After you have received a pokeblock case and you made pokeblock at the berry blending machine go to your key items in your bag and scroll down to your pokeblock case then simply select the pokeblock you want to give your Pokemon.

How do you use the pokeblock in Emerald?

Mix one out of berries. It will be in your pokeblock case. Feed it to the Pokemon that you want to give the pokeblock to.

What do you do with the pokeblock case?

you can create pokeblocks. you can give those pokeblocks to your pokemons. with the pokeblock case you can enter the safari game.

Where can you get a pokeblock case in ruby version?

The Pokeblock Case can be obtained from the person behind the counter at the Lilicove Contest Hall.

Pokemon quartz where is a pokeblock case?

The pokeblock case in Pokemon Quartz is located in Seablue City. Seablue City can be found in the Safari Zone.

How do you get to flora sky island in flora sky?

you go north

Where to get the pokeblock Case in pokémonruby?

lilycove city

Where to get a pokeblock case on Pokemon emerald?

in order to get the pokeblock case, you have to go to the Pokemon contest in lilicove.After that, talk to the girl on the upper, upper, left with blue to the one on the left.then she will give you a pokeblock case.thank you for reading.hope it helped =]

What do you need to go in the safari zone in sapphire?

You need to have the pokeblock case and just go inside P.S. you get the pokeblock case at the left receptionist In the lilycove contest hall

How do you get super rod in flora sky?

We're do u get to my dudes in pokemon flora sky

What do you need to get in the safari zone in Pokemon ruby?

pokeblock case

How do you get your Pokemon to follow you in flora sky?

I am sorry but you cannot get your Pokemon to follow you in Pokemon Flora Sky