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Go to Hearthome City, find the house that has a heart on top of the door. ( Also called Pokemon Fan Center)


Talk to the chairman inside (sitting on the couch) and he will give you a poffin case.

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Q: Where do you get the poffin case in Pokemon pearl?
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Where is the egg case in Pokemon pearl?

Egg case? There's no egg cases but there is a coin case, seal case,fashion case and poffin case.

Where do you get happiness poffin in Pokemon pearl?

You make poffins at the Poffin House at Hearthome city.

How do you raise toughness in Pokemon Diamond?

feed it a sour poffin, you can get a poffin case in the Pokemon fan club.then make poffins at the poffin house.

Where do you get a poffin case on Pokemon pearl?

Where You Get The Poffin Case:-Original Answer- Enter the Pokemon Fan Club located next to the Poke Mart. Talk to the FanClub chairman and he'll give you the POFFIN CASE-Improved Answer-First, go to the Pokemon Fan Club. It is located in Hearthome City. There's a man standing in the club who is obviously the owner, due to his brown suit, brown hat, and white beard/hair. He is behind the big table, standing there facing the door. If you talk to him, he will give the Key Item, the Poffin Case, to you.The Poffin Case is for making Poffins, which can improve a Pokemon's performance in Shows.

Where do you get a poffin case in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon fan club

Where make poffins on Pokemon diamond?

if you have a poffin case go to Harthome city and go into the house south of the Pokemon center talk to the lady by the pot and answer her questions. to get the poffin case go to the house to the right of there and talk to the guy he will give you the poffin case.

How do you make a bitter poffin on Pokemon pearl?

go to hearthome city and go to the poffin house and start cooking with a bitter berry.

How do you make dry puffins?

The type of Poffin you make in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum is dependent on the type of berry used to make it. In the case of the Dry Poffin you can use Chesto, Oran, Wiki, Pamtre, Charti and Micle berries.

How do you get a poffin case on platinum?

first go to hearthome city and go to the Pokemon fan club talk to the chairman and he will give you a poffin case =p

How do you get the poffin case in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't use poffins in this game

Is there a way other than pokeblocks to up beauty in pearl?

Feed your Pokemon a dry poffin

Where do you get a poffin case on Pokemon Platinum?

In the Pokemon Fan Club, in Hearthome City.