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you get the goggles when you beat flannery at leverage and when you leave the gym may comes and gives you the goggles.

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Q: Where do you get the goggles for the sandstorm next to lavaridge?
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Where do you use the go-goggles at on emerald?

There is a desert near lavaridge town and fallarbor town the go goggles allow you to pass through without getting lost in the sandstorm.

How do you get through the sandstorm in maunville city in Pokemon ruby?

To get through the sandstorm north of Mauville City, you must defeat the Lavaridge City Gym Leader. Your rival will give you the Go-Goggles once you do.

How kan jou get the sandstorm away by regirock?

Beat the gym leader in Lavaridge town and your rival will give you the go goggles, then you can just walk through it.

How do you get the glasses that allow you walk in the sandstorm on emerald?

You'll get the Go-Goggles from May or Brendon (depending on your player) after you beat the Gym Leader Flannery in Lavaridge Town.

How do you get past the raging sandstorm in Pokemon Sapphire?

beat the fire leader and u will get GO-Goggles

How do get past the sandstorm in ruby?

You must defeat the 4th Gym Leader in Lavaridge Town, when you come out of the gym, May, (Or if your playing as a girl, Brenden), will come out of the building to the right, and walk over to you, they will then give you the Sand Goggles, and it will allow you to go through the sandstorm into the desert. Hope this helped :)

Were do you find cacturne in sapphire version?

You must evolve the Cacnea which is found on route 111 and evolve at level 32. You need the Go-Goggles to get through the sandstorm that is always going in the Desert on Route 111. You get those in Lavaridge.

How do you cross the sandstorm and go to fourth badge?

You need to head left towards the mountain and go on the cable car. go down the bumps and you'll enter lavaridge town. You do not receive the goggles until after you beat the 4th gym

Where to get the sand goggles?

you have to defeat the 4th gym leader in lavaridge town. After you defeat her you leave the gym and your rival will give you the goggles.

How do you get through sandstorms on sapphire?

You will need the go-goggles to get through the desert. You will get the goggles after beating the gym leader Flannery. Her gym is located in Lavaridge.

Pokemon emerald how to get pass sandstorm?

You need to get the go-go goggles.

Where are to get the goggles in Pokemon sapphire?

You will get the Go Goggles from your rival after leaving the 4th Gym in Lavaridge Town. You'll need to defeat Flannery's Pokemon first.