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you have to defeat the 4th gym leader in lavaridge town. After you defeat her you leave the gym and your rival will give you the goggles.

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Q: Where to get the sand goggles?
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How do you get in to the sand storm in Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to get the go-goggles

Glasses for people which want fill as sand-blind?


How do you get through the sand storm in Pokemon ruby?

you need the Go-Goggles

Where do you find the sand goggles in Pokemon ruby?

They are given to you by steven when you arrive at forrtree city.

How to get passed the sand storm In Pokemon sapphire?

You need to have the go-goggles to pass through the sand storm your rival will give you those after defeating them.

Where are the night vision goggles in GTA SA on ps2?

in the dessert where there is a huge satilite dish. under that there is a sand king which appears consitently. the goggles are under the sand king so you hae to drive it away. it normally has the alarm which alerts 3 star cops

Where can you find sunglasses with wind flaps sand flaps something for duning or riding a bike in the desert?

Try a motorcycle chop, do a net search for "motorcycle goggles". Or have a look at ski goggles.

What is an antonym for goggles?

no goggles, not wearing goggles

How do you get the fossils in Pokemon Gold?

you have to get the goggles to go in the sand storm area then in the tower in the middle you go upstairs and can choose one of the fossils

What do you need to get through the sand storm in Pokemon emerald?

The Go-Go Goggles you win ater you beat the 4th gym leader

How do you get pass the sand storm Pokemon emerald?

Obtain the Go-Goggles from May/Brenden in Lavaridge Town after you defeat the Gym Leader.

How do you avoid the sand storm in Pokemon ruby?

after defeat fourth gym in verdenturf town. your rival will gives you goo-goggles. then you can enter he sandstorm

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