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Inside the shop in the back corner

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Q: Where do you get the fireplace in club penguin for your house?
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Where to get Club Penguin Christmas stocking's?

Get the club penguin fireplace and click the down arrow button. Hope it helps!

How do you turn on your fireplace on Club Penguin?

I just right click

How do you set the fireplace on fire on club penguin?

You click on the first arrow on your keybord.

Where o you find the tinber on club penguin mission?

Put the survival guide on the fireplace.

Where is the Club Penguin band on Club Penguin now 2012?

the light house

Where is the cola cube candy on club penguin?

it is in the ski lodge in the mirror on the fireplace close to your candy bag

If you have a house on club penguin and you want a different house on Club Penguin and you bye it will you still get to keep the things that was in the house?

yes of course

Where is the sixth treat of the hunt on club penguin?

It is at the ski lodge on the fireplace. The above part on the picture thingy.

Where is the attic in club penguin?

you go to your penguin's house then you see a picture of a house click on it and there you go

What is a cheat to get a bigger house on club penguin?

by a bigger house

In club penguin Where is the oil can?

at the light house

How do you delete house in club penguin?

you can't