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in necropolis

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Q: Where do you get the blood wizard robe in adventure quest?
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Where do you get dark wizard robe on adventure quest?

Well since it is a WIZARD robe you might want to look in warlic's shops

How do you delete your basic robe in adventure quest worlds?


In wizardology where is the flaming sword?

The flaming sword is behind thr wizard in the purple robe in chapter IV - A Wizard's robe and tools.

Where is the reapers hideout in adventure quest?

The reapers hideout can be found after you die. # Die (in-game) # Click the hourglass by his "feet" or bottom of his robe really # Your in his world now BEWARE!

What should you do with a robe and a wizard hat?

pretend you are harry potter

What are some recipes for the chothing machine on webkinz?

tuxedo pants + academy sweater + wizard hat= wizard robe

Where do you find blue robe on runescape?

You can get it on the grand exchange And if it is a wizard robe you mean you can kill wizards south of Draynor And if you mean blue robe try the costume shop in varrok Good luck

What should be in a wisard costume?

a wizard hat pointy, a robe dress, a wand, and a mustage

How do you make a wizard wardrobe on Webkinz?

does this help? Wizard's Apprentice Robe: Academy Sweater, Tuxedo Pants, Wizard Hat Sorry, not to rain on your parade it gives you patch work pants. :(

Why wont anyone join my cult?

Well, first you need to put on your robe and wizard hat.

What wizard 101 amulet gives the Triton spell?

there is no amulet. there is a robe but you have to have crowns to buy it and it comes in a set.

Where can you get a wizard robe bottom in RuneScape?

The Bottoms are basically blue skirts of which can be bought of thessalia thought these dont give magic bonuses, so your best buy wiz robe(t) bottoms.