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you get defog in the great marsh. Once you enter look for a person that looks lie a cooltrainer , you should see him straight away. Talk to him and hell give you the defog hm.

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Q: Where do you get the HM defog Pokemon pearl?
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Can you get defog in Pokemon emerald?

No. You can only get the HM for defog in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get defog in Pokemon emerald?

youdon't defog is a hm move that is in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum

How do you get defog in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no HM Defog on Ruby, it came available in the 4th generation which is Diamond, or Pearl.

On Pokemon pearl where do you find the HM defog?

right next to the snowpoint city

Where is hm 7 defog in Pokemon pearl?

A trainer in Pastoria Great Marsh has it. If you speak with them, they will give it to you.

Can you get dive in Pokemon pearl?

No, that HM was left in the Hoenn Region Time. It was replaced by Rock Climb and Defog.

Foggy city Pokemon Pearl?

There is no "Foggy city" in Pokemon Pearl it is a route celestic town you can use defog ( a hm when you beat the 4th ) to get rid of the fog.

How do you get the hm strength and defog on Pokemon Diamond Version?

you get hm strength and hm defog after defeating two gym leader.Fantina(defog) Byron(strength).

What HM is in the great marsh in Pokemon platinum?

In platinum you don't get a HM in the Great Marsh. The HM that is there in diamond in pearl, HM05 Defog, has been moved to the Solaceon Ruins

Hm's in Pokemon Pearl?

the HMs are strengh,defog,waterfall,surf,rock climb,rock smash,and fly

How do you get the HM defog on Pokemon diamond?

You get defog from a person in the safari zone.

Where do you get rock climb in Pokemon pearl?

its on the way to snowpoint near a house with a hiker that tells you that he lost his HM... that might be defog though