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you do like four or three or two and then it will show up

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Q: Where do you get the 16th track for toon up training on toontown?
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Where do you get the last toon up training flim clip in toontown?

Somewhere in the brrrgh

Who is water track on toontown?

a toon named mister sally ps please report him

Where do you get the 16th track for toon up in toontown?

When you've finished all required tasks on a playground, including the first 15 gag track tasks, you'll be given a final task (actually, a series of tasks) to do. Finishing that gives you your gag track.

How do you get the 16th toon-up track if you are not a member?

You cant you must be a member!

What is a toontown paid toon?

it is just when you pay to have a toontown toon, you can buy it on their website or in some stores.

How do you make a SOS toon on toontown?

You cannot 'Make' a SOS toon on ToonTown you can be awarded a SOS toon by defeating the Sellbot VP. :]peace4life[:

What are sound track animations on toontown?

they are parts of a video to teach your toon how to use sound tracks after you have got all 16 you will be given the sound track

How can you get your toon back on toontown?

Depends on what happened. Did your toon die?

Can you die in toontown?

You cannot 'die' in Toontown, but your Toon can get sick. To get sick, your Toon has to loose all of it's Laff Points.

How do you start toon up in toontown?

First you need to visit Flippy or any other person associated with the Toontask "Gag Training". I don't remember what it's exactly called, because I haven't done it in a while. Then, when you choose to start Toon-up Gag Training, you will need to do Toontasks with rewards called "Toon-up Track *insert numbers 1-15 here*". Do those tasks and you will finally get a Toontask with the reward called "Final Gag Track" or something like that. Do that task. You will then get Toon-up. Hope this helped ^.^

How do you get Toon up in ToonTown?

by loggging on

How do you park a toon in toontown?

You log in.