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Go into the safari zone and get the gold teeth, then inside the building near the gold teeth get The HM for surf. Then exit the safari zone and next to the person that gives you the Good Rod is the warden's house. Go inside and give the Teeth, get strength and move the boulder to get a rare candy. NOTE: STRENGTH CANNOT BE USE UNTILL YOU BEAT THE SAFFRON GYM.
Go to Fushia City and go to the Safari Zone and when your near the end you will find a Pokeball with a Gold Teeth inside when you have that go to the mans house on the right of the Pokemon center and he will take the gold teeth and give u strength i hope this helps
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In fuchsia city find the warden's home he needs his gold teeth you can find them in the safari zone if you give it to him he will give you the HM Strength.

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Q: Where do you get th HM strength in Pokemon Leaf Green?
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Where do you get out of the seafoam islands you are stuck inside in Pokemon Green leaf i do not have the hm strength?

use an escape rope or the TM dig

Where do you find strength on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon Leaf Green, the HM Strength is given to the player by the Game Warden of the Safari Zone. The player must first find the Warden's missing teeth in the Safari Zone and then he will hand over the HM.

Were do you find hm 8 dive on pokemon LeafGreen?

There's no Dive HM on Pokemon Leaf Green.

How do you get hm 8 in Pokemon FireRed?

HM 8 doesn't exist in Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green.

How do you push rocks in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to find the (hm) strength make a pokemon learn it then when you click on a rock you will be able to push it I dont know where to find strength as I have never played leaf green but I know how to use strength

How do I get strength on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon Leaf Green, you get the HM Strength from the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. Search everywhere in the Safari Zone, including the Secret House and the island in the center of the whole Zone.

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How do you use Pokemon leaf green gym badge moves?

Give the hm or TM to your Pokemon

Where do you find hm8 on LeafGreen?

There's no Dive HM on Pokemon Leaf Green.

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How do you obtain HM thunder on Pokemon Leaf Green?

you can find thunder in the power plant

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